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Born in Houston, Texas, Brandon Caldwell has written for numerous publications including the Village Voice, the Houston Press, About, DJBooth, Refined Hype and more. He’s also the Editor-in-Chief of and a student at the University of Houston seeking a BA in Journalism. He currently resides in Houston.

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A Houston Paramedic Who Saved Lives During Harvey Now Faces Potential Deportation With DACA Ruling

Life for Houston-area paramedic Jesus Contreras has not been the same since Hurricane Harvey. Contreras worked six consecutive days, rescuing people from floodwaters and taking some individuals to local area hospitals. Contreras’ job through the hectic days that followed the storm’s initial landfall on August 24 made it impossible for him to consider his own well-being throughout.

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Jay-Z’s “Moonlight” Video Is A ‘Black Friends’ Episode With A Twist

A loaded cast mocks Friends and real-life in Jay-Z’s “Moonlight” video.

Jay-Z has released the latest video from his 4:44 album. Centered around the “Moonlight” / “La La Land” snafu at this year’s Academy Awards, “Moonlight” from Hov is a call to wonder why people are still signing with labels and entities knowing that they may get screwed over in the end.

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75 St & Canal C0: Born From Family

Every entrepreneur has his or her ups and downs. Go to any seminar across the country and you will hear one individual lament on the hardships taken to get to a certain perch. In the case of Victor Bernal, or as he is better known in Houston - DJ Prolyfic, the battle to get to a certain position occurred on two fronts, personal and professional.  

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Smokey Robinson Debuts Skincare Regimen Partnership With Skinphonic

Smokey Robinson is one of America’s more eternal frontmen; the “King of Motown” not only crafted the words we used to serenade girlfriends, crushes and wives, he managed to look youthful throughout his career. Now with his wife Frances, the collaboration between the pair and some of America’s top skincare formulators and renowned skin specialist Dr. Edward Dickerson have resulted in a product just for you. Skinphonic is a skincare solution product designed specifically to battle needs faced by people of color.

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The Worldly Eats Of The Hard Rock Cafe

Burger lovers will bring themselves to a venue to try anything. A foodie will simply add to their palate whenever brought into a setting that begs for adventure and optimism. The Hard Rock Cafe, the legendary establishment with the largest collection of music memorabilia in the world, isn’t starting anew, it’s bringing its vintage look and vital presentation to a modern audience. That starts not only with the World Burger Tour but also an upcoming spotlight on live music with Hard Rock Rising.

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Kurios Review

Cirque De Soleil has not only taken over the idea of the “big top” with its extravagant exhibitions of artistry, they’ve rolled out series in the name of Michael Jackson & more. KURIOS, the latest series from the performance art troupe lived up to the predetermined hype in Houston.

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Faith & Relaxation: A Weekend on Grand Bahama Island

Explaining the Bahamas to someone as a child is akin to detailing “Fantasy Island”. Your mind immediately begins tip-toeing across images of white beaches, beautiful women and clear blue water. Of fancy drinks and authentic seafood and a general hospitality that would make any etiquette coach beam with pride. That’s the Americanized version of the Bahamas, a tourist destination where one could wipe away their worries while kicked back with a Nassau Royal with an umbrella to twirl around.

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Marvel Finally Nails A Dud With Iron Fist

Every company is due for a dud. Marvel had given its three other Defenders properties their own identity and appeal. Daredevil took up Hell’s Kitchen with plenty of Catholic virtue about revenge wrapped around a constantly tectonic shift. Jessica Jones gave more weight to its characters and the power of will. Luke Cage allowed Harlem to breathe as a living set piece from music to ideology on down. So where in New York did that leave Iron Fist? The most supernatural of the four Defenders characters, his story seemed far more intriguing on a surface level than his three counterparts.

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'Iron Fist' Is The First Marvel Netflix Series You'll Struggle With

Marvel bet big on Netflix's The Defenders rolling out to strong success. How Iron Fist became the first dud of the saga.

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Mahershali Ali: How the Oakland Native Went From Ball Player to Rapper to Academy Award Winner

Long before Oakland, California saw one of its big- gest sons rise on the national stage at the Academy Awards last Sunday, he had spent the previous week tending to his wife.

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