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Born in Houston, Texas, Brandon Caldwell has written for numerous publications including the Village Voice, the Houston Press, About, DJBooth, Refined Hype and more. He’s also the Editor-in-Chief of and a student at the University of Houston seeking a BA in Journalism. He currently resides in Houston.

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Faith & Relaxation: A Weekend on Grand Bahama Island

Explaining the Bahamas to someone as a child is akin to detailing “Fantasy Island”. Your mind immediately begins tip-toeing across images of white beaches, beautiful women and clear blue water. Of fancy drinks and authentic seafood and a general hospitality that would make any etiquette coach beam with pride. That’s the Americanized version of the Bahamas, a tourist destination where one could wipe away their worries while kicked back with a Nassau Royal with an umbrella to twirl around.

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Marvel Finally Nails A Dud With Iron Fist

Every company is due for a dud. Marvel had given its three other Defenders properties their own identity and appeal. Daredevil took up Hell’s Kitchen with plenty of Catholic virtue about revenge wrapped around a constantly tectonic shift. Jessica Jones gave more weight to its characters and the power of will. Luke Cage allowed Harlem to breathe as a living set piece from music to ideology on down. So where in New York did that leave Iron Fist? The most supernatural of the four Defenders characters, his story seemed far more intriguing on a surface level than his three counterparts.

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'Iron Fist' Is The First Marvel Netflix Series You'll Struggle With

Marvel bet big on Netflix's The Defenders rolling out to strong success. How Iron Fist became the first dud of the saga.

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Mahershali Ali: How the Oakland Native Went From Ball Player to Rapper to Academy Award Winner

Long before Oakland, California saw one of its big- gest sons rise on the national stage at the Academy Awards last Sunday, he had spent the previous week tending to his wife.

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GameStop Announces Limited Supply Of Nintendo Switch Systems

GameStop has announced stores will have a limited supply of Nintendo Switch systems available for walk-in customers on the March 3 launch day.

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Black Culture In The Age Of Weariness

No matter where you turn, the state and local governments are making headlines, both for the good and for the bad. Regardless of what’s going on in Washington with our current President of the United States, the news has made a considerable trickle down to Texans and most importantly, Houstonians.

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Nike Football’s Super Bowl Gives Back to Yates and Wheatley Students

Nike Football’s Super Bowl contribution wasn’t in the form of a massive party. Or even a display dedicated to their long standing relationship with the athletic community whether it be on the field or training. Instead the longstanding sportswear giant chose to give back to two outstanding football communities from two of the more historic districts in the city.

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I Am Not Your Negro: A Time Capsule Into the Past And the Future

The set up for Raoul Peck’s “I Am Not Your Negro” is reflective of the times. Baldwin, one of Black America’s foremost voices on race relations in the 1960s to the point he’s been lionized for all time is made to feel as if he’s speaking for the current. No less than five minutes into Peck’s film are we shown various scenes of anguish and protest from Ferguson, Missouri. It’s the film’s biggest allegory that Baldwin’s work, even when originally framed around the deaths of three of his friends can be echoed for all time.

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Black History & The Education Of Hidden Figures

At schools across the country, the vibrancy of February is all the same. There are the morning announcements, with school wide events announced; birthdays lauded, teachers and school teams having imaginary flowers thrown on their name. Then comes the obligatory read out of a Black History Month figure. Some students roll their eyes of boredom, others, too disinterested to care. Yet there is one student, his or her ears perked up, waiting to feed into someone new. They’re anticipating a new fact, a new lesson, a new hero to look upon.

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The Coachella 2017 Lineup Is Out: Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar & Radiohead To Headline

Hans Zimmer performing means Coachella is sick & tired of playing with other festivals.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has emerged as the yearly big bad when it comes to music festivals. The 2017 lineup was announced earlier this morning with headliners Radiohead, Beyoncé & Kendrick Lamar. The lineup also features heavy hitters such as Gucci Mane making his Coachella debut, Lorde making her return and more. The festival will once again take place on two separate weekends from April 14 to 16, and April 21 through 23. All of the action will take place at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, California.

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