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Yolanda Pope is a native Houstonian, with a variety of interests. She is an artist, former ESL Teacher, Business Technology Teacher, and Second Grade Montessori Teacher. She has a BBA from the University of Houston and a Teaching Diploma from North American Montessori Institute. She also enjoys martial arts, gardening, and of course food. She has interviewed several chefs from The Food Network for Houston Style Magazine including Iron Chef Cat Cora, Chopped Grand Champions Madison Cowen and Chef Danielle Saunders, who is P.Diddy’s former personal chef. Mexican Food is at the top of her list in the category of favorite foods, especially the local Taquerias in our area.
Yolanda is a culinary writer for Houston Style Magazine.

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Trentino Gelato Makes Life Sweeter

In the midst of the Stay at Home order, some of us might find ourselves challenged with controlling our snacking impulse. We are fortunate to live in the fourth largest city in the United States where restaurants are plentiful and so are grocery stores. While the restaurants are temporarily limited to delivery and take-out, more people have been compelled to buy more food items to prepare and enjoy at home.

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It’s Zero Degrees for Wing Cravings

When it comes to chicken, the wings are usually the parts of the bird that I could pass on, mainly because they are the smallest and least filling part of the chicken. I have seen many social media posts about various wing places in town, but in my opinion, I haven’t read about any particular place in our Metroplex that is serving an exception wing eating experience.

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Consistency and Great Service Makes Grotto a Winner

A lot of people boast about their favorite places for dining, and we all have proclaimed that “our” place has the best of whatever dish is the specialty. In my experience, there are many venues that can be considered the absolute best at what they serve on the plates. This is true because of two main factors: 1) consistency and 2) great service.

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Nola Natives Take Off in The Great Food Truck Race

The holidays are here along with everything that ties the season together: food, family, work, and for some of us, Christmas shows on every TV channel. The Food Network is no different, especially when it comes to the holidays. This year, “The Great Food Truck Race” has a four-series holiday edition of the show called “The Great Food Truck Race-Holiday Hustle” that features five teams vying to grasp a $50,000.00 dollar prize.

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Chef Leticia Knows Latin Superfoods

Many of us don’t necessarily associate healthy cooking with delicious, savory, and mouth-watering food. Here in the fourth largest city in the United States where Mexican food is plentiful, a large majority of our population may be unaware that there are Latin Superfoods.

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A Buddhist Temple and a Fine Tea House

Since 2001, The Chung Mei Buddhist Temple has sat quietly on a little road off West Airport in Stafford, Texas. According to their website, they are a part of The Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Society and their purpose is to “promote Buddhism through cultural exchange and to serve the community of greater Houston.”

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Home Chef Offers Weekly Meal Service

Its' been about two years since I received an email invitation to try a home meal service that offered me $30 off my first meal and an additional discount for each referral I sent their way. My co-workers and I studied the website intensely at the menu offerings for the weeks that we would receive our orders.

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Alaskan King Crab Delivers

Summer is in full swing, crawfish season is at its full peak, and just about every weekend there is a barbecue to attend. Now with Father’s Day upon us, how about some crab legs, some big ones to be exact?

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Cooking at Home with Imperfect Produce

One of the major advantages of living in a large Metropolitan area is that we have so many dining choices whether we stay in or eat out. Also, over the past couple of years, there has been an influx of companies that offer subscriptions to their “meal in a box” services.

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Brenda's is Serving 24 Hours a Day

What a relief it was to find out that another eating establishment which featured tacos, nachos, soups, and tortas has opened its doors less than a mile from where I shop, work, and live. Since July of 2018, Brenda's Taqueria opened a location at 12550 Southwest Freeway in Stafford, Texas. In fact, this is the fourth location in the Greater Houston Area.

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