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Published author of the acclaimed erotica series Conversations Between Adults and his well received debut novel Walking Down the Aisle Demez F. White is a native of Houston, TX and writer for the critically acclaimed Houston Style Magazine. Combining a unique mix of intellectual stimulation and natural arousal his short stories and articles touch at the core of mental and emotional arousal. was started in 2012 and quickly became a go to destination for readers all over the world. Fiction, dialogues and thoughts that mesh together to give this humble author one of the fastest growing blogs on the net. You can interact with Demez on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by searching @authordwhite where he often touches on everything from romance to politics to dating. Demez attended Texas Southern University in Houston, TX.

Demez contributes to Houston Style Magazine as a feature writer.

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Three Secrets to Love

“Turn off the lights. Light a candle, doom doom doom doom doom, tonight; I’m going to make love to you.” If you didn’t sing along to those words as you were reading them you’re probably too young for this article.

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Kobe Bryant: Bigger Than Basketball

On a foggy Sunday morning in the hills of one of the most beautiful suburbs in LA three families were taking their daughters to play in a basketball game. Along for the ride were an assistant basketball coach and the pilot. For reasons we don’t yet know the plane crashed and everyone on board died. An entire community devastated for what was supposed to be just another afternoon ride like they have done time and time before.

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Not Every Soul Mate Is A Lover

What do you, we, as human beings need more than anything? We need to feel loved. We need to feel the warmth of knowing someone cares whether or not we make it home from work if it’s raining too hard. We want to be able to share our day with someone just to breathe better before we go to sleep. Whether you’re a Christian or a non-believer it’s hard to imagine a life in which love isn’t a pivotal part of what you believe in.

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You Can’t Be A Great Father Without First Being A Great Man to Her

I didn’t grow up with a father. I had a grandfather and knew some amazing men but never a father so most of my life I’ve had this idea in my head of what I would be like as a dad. I’m a writer so I knew I would read him books and tell him bedtime stories. Sit in the backyard while it’s raining and tell him about what life was like growing up. All the things I never had.

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Where Does Society Draw the Line Between Morality and Entertainment?

The best books I’ve ever read have been autobiographies. I believe it’s because there is nothing that I or any other writer can make up that’s more entertaining or interesting than real life. A lot of them may read like stories created by writers and a producer but these men and women lived these lives; and as much as we love their music, movies or stories we have to accept that a lot of these men and women were flawed.

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Same Energy

When it’s someone you love; you’re a hypocrite: don’t worry, we all are. Have you ever been talking to someone and the conversation escalates to mutual friends? “Hey, you heard that Bob and Jill are getting a divorce, Bob cheated.” Immediately it’s, “Bob is an asshole and you should never cheat! What kind of man is he?”

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Two Schools, Two Coaches, Texas Strong in March Madness

Texas Southern University and the University of Houston literally sit right across the street from each other. Both have put millions of dollars into their universities trying to make them more than commuter schools, which is a difficult task when you’re in the heart of the fourth largest city in the country. Not to mention the giants in College Station and Austin thrive off the Houston market.

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Relationships Shouldn’t Hurt

Have you ever put your hand on a fire and let it burn through your skin until you couldn’t take the pain anymore? When you look at it, it’s blistering and bleeding and it’ll probably never be the same. If you have done that, go get counseling. My point is, love is the only aspect of life where we take pride in being able to absorb hurt. In essence, the more someone puts us through, the more we feel as though we’ve made it.

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Let’s Have An Honest Conversation About the #MeToo Movement

As a man, I’ve been hesitant to write about the #MeToo movement because what I’ve seen a lot of is instant generalizing. If you don’t automatically condemn any man that’s accused then you’re for sexual harassment and rape.

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Real Political Change Starts Locally: Meet Brennen Dunn

At this very moment on Twitter or Facebook, there is a thread of people debating on who should run for President in 2020. They’re going to list the names of celebrities, billionaire donors, and countless other people that have never worked in the political or judicial world.

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