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Miss Caribbean United States Promoting Economic Growth for Caribbean Pride

For many women being a beauty queen and living in the spotlight is something we all secretly dream. Fortunately for Zoe Cadore, she does not have to dream it, as it is her reality. After grabbing the local title, Cadore competed nationally to become the first Houstonian to win the coveted title of Miss Caribbean United States.

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Being A Victor, Not A Victim Over HIV

Freshman year of college is a year most will never forget, mainly because it is the first time many are on their own without their parents and are able to stay out late and indulge in parties. The memories that make freshman year memorable may not be so pleasant. On April 21, 2014, and at the young age of 19, Deondre Moore was diagnosed with HIV. As a freshman Human Resources Management major at Sam Houston State University, Moore was not prepared for what the doctor told him but decided he will not let this virus define him.

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RMHC Awards $50,000 to African American High School Seniors

One of our favorite fast food chains known for its signature clown and catchy jingles has been making a huge impact in our local communities in the lives of youth through education. The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Houston/Galveston and The McDonald’s Owner/Operators Association of Greater Houston once again honored a bevy of high school seniors with academic scholarships at an award ceremony and scholarship luncheon for the 2017 recipients.

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Houston Host Memorable Celebration for Gospel Artist Earnest Pugh’s Top 20 Billboard Single "I Need You to Breathe"

It was an evening full of praise and worship for Dr. Earnest Pugh’s Billboard Celebration. Memphis native, Earnest Pugh, who recently moved to Houston, celebrated his eleventh Top 20 Billboard single, “I Need You to Breathe.”

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Alicia Keys Takes Rodeo Houston

Alicia Keys made this year’s Black Heritage Night at Rodeo Houston a success by bringing in over 73,000 people. Even with such a huge crowd, it was very clear she wanted to pull everyone into her performance and feel a connection with everyone there. Keys has not performed at Rodeo Houston since 2005 and it was definitely worth the wait.

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Searching for Acceptance: Hollywood Adding LGBTQ to Modern TV

It is no secret that the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer (LGBTQ) community has faced many hardships from not being accepted by others because of their sexuality, and even committing self-harm amongst themselves because they feel like they have hit rock bottom.

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Houstonian Changing the Hair Industry with The Weave Dryer

Inventions are the answers to what annoys us most in life. While on vacation Dr. Michalyn Porter was having a hard time drying the hair underneath her weave. She noticed the problem was not germane to her alone. Getting weave to become dry was not the only troublesome problem, she also observed how not drying hair properly could lead to infections. It was then she knew that she had to do something about this problem that annoyed her.

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UH Alphas Host Annual MLK BBQ

On January 16th the Eta Mu chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, inc. hosted their annual MLK BBQ at the University of Houston that brought together service to the community and a good time all while celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. King.

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